CDK Cash Discovery Program

Move idle inventory and stock your dealership with parts you can turn over quickly. With the Cash Discovery Program, unlocking new revenue has never been easier or more personalized.

CDK Cash Discovery Program
Refine Your Inventory
Move the parts you can’t sell and bring in those you can.
Help Your Bottom Line
Help Your Bottom Line
Boost profits and sales by strategically stocking your dealership.
Personalized Service
Personalized Service
Put cutting-edge technology to work for your business.

About the Cash Discovery Program

Parts Managers get it — some parts move while others don’t, and often it feels like all you have in your inventory is the stuff you can’t sell. We’ve created a solution that gets hard-to-sell items out into more promising markets, while providing new channels to bring in the products that you sell most.

How it works is simple:

  • Dealers participating in the program create a personal profile
  • They detail their dealership’s particular needs, including the items they currently need to move and those they want to bring in
  • A custom algorithm matches dealers with other participating dealerships, offering up transaction opportunities for both buyers and sellers

To get started or learn more, visit the Cash Discovery Program website.

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