Low-cost, integrated and convenient, CorPay lets dealers pay invoices electronically, streamlining the payables process and helping your dealership realize a healthier bottom line.

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Save Money

Electronic payments reduce your dealership’s overhead costs.

Optimize Operations

Pull information from your DMS quickly to keep records accurate.

Build Revenue

Pay invoices quickly to receive rebates and cash back.

CorPay Features

Paying invoices has never been this easy. CorPay is designed with dealers in mind, and with the goal of helping your dealership’s back-end run smoothly and accurately.

Better Payment Process

With convenient electronic payments, you reduce the number of checks you have to mail. This cuts costs, improves cash management and puts money back in your pocket.

DMS Integration

CorPay pulls and approves information directly from your Dealer Management System, ensuring accurate, consistent information across all of your departments.

Powerful Management Tools

Built-in accounting tools and powerful reporting functionality lets you easily establish roles and permission levels, as well as create useful reports and reconciliations.

Rebates & Cash Back

Pay invoices quickly and receive early payment rebates and cash back. Over the year, these small returns can help your dealership see measurable financial growth.

Interested in CorPay?

Your dealership can work better, smarter and faster — you just need the right tools. Find the CDK solution that works best for your team.

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