Dealer Management Systems

With a dealer management system working for you, the tools for success are always on hand.

A modern truck dealership deserves modern tools. With a Dealer Management System (DMS), your team has the innovative workplace solutions they need to boost performance, unlock efficiency, and create a stronger, more profitable dealership.

What a DMS Can Do For You

Managing a truck dealership isn’t just about getting vehicles on the road. It’s also about maintaining a healthy business machine, from the leasing office to the sales desk. But no matter how hard your managers work, they can only be in one place at a time.

A powerful suite of software solutions, DMS platforms are built with a deep understanding of how dealerships work and the challenges unique to the truck retailing industry. Our systems provide a bird’s eye view of dealership operations, placing critical information in one place where it can be accessed easily. Flexible and adaptive, these systems can help you build a healthier, more effective business.

Use a DMS if your dealership is:

  • Juggling multiple management systems
  • Struggling to get useful insights from data
  • Lacking training resources
  • Concerned about data security
  • Dealing with inefficiencies
What to Look For in a DMS
It can be easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a DMS, but it’s important you make sure you choose one that meets the needs of your dealership. Not all DMS solutions are created equal, and there’s more than just sticker price for a dealer to consider.
Choosing a DMS is one thing; getting it to play nice with the software you have is another. At CDK, we know that installation conflicts hurt dealers, and we work hard to integrate your systems with existing software.
Customer, partner and business data passes through your DMS every day — it’s important that it stays safe. Our DMS systems rely on high-security data centers, so you can have peace of mind knowing all your important information is secure.
There’s no dealership quite like your dealership, and a quality DMS should adapt to that. CDK systems are easily configured to your unique business goals and are flexible enough to move with your market.
Don’t commit to a DMS you can’t use. Training resources are an essential feature to look for when shopping for a management system, which is why CDK includes proprietary training resources to all dealers who adopt our DMS.

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