CDK Document Management

Clean up your paper clutter with CDK Document Management. By keeping your documents in a single place, you can minimize labor and eliminate your heavy truck dealership's inefficiencies.

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Automated Document Management

Eliminate Manual Storage

With an improved storage system, you can find documents fast and share them right away.

Optimize Your Archives

Ensure that your heavy truck dealership data is updated to execute seamless storage by scanning and archiving instantly.

Reduce Overhead

Cut down your heavy truck dealership's need for office supplies across every department and save space with digital storage.

Improve Efficiency

Auto-Archive DMS Documents

Automatically store Parts, Service and Accounting documents at your heavy truck dealership while utilizing digital technology.

Digitize Your Documents

Ensure all of your heavy truck dealership's documents are properly digitized for efficient reference and retrieval when needed.

DMS-Generated Document Hosting

No longer pay $120* to locate a misfiled document or $220 to reproduce a lost document by utilizing digital retrieval at your dealership.

*Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Form Revisions

Quickly update existing forms at your heavy truck dealership with ease.

Elevate Efficiency

See How CDK Document Management Can Help You Save Time and Money

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