Integrated Phone System for Heavy Truck

When you equip your dealership with a CDK integrated phone system, you provide your team with cutting-edge communication tools that help drive revenue and engage prospective buyers.

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Communicate Smarter

Answer every call with up-to-date customer information on hand.

Integrate Systems

Pair your DMS and your phone system for added functionality.

Analyze Data

Dive into communication reports for real, actionable insights.

Integrated Phone System Features

Phone communication is often the first channel truck dealers have for building a relationship with buyers. With this in mind, we developed our phone systems to be easy to use and add real value.


Link your phone and dealer management systems and take advantage of increased functionality, including comprehensive customer information and reverse phone lookup.

Fully Scalable

Whether you’re a single-location dealership or an enterprise operation with hundreds of storefronts, our integrated phone systems adapt to the unique needs of your business.

Drill Down Into Data

Receive easy-to-read reports on your call activity, which your managers can use to analyze call volume, create outreach strategies and monitor employee performance.

Cost-Effective Installation

Our phone systems can utilize already-installed telephone infrastructure, which can help cut installation costs and make it easier for budget-strapped dealerships to get the tools they need.

Getting Started With CDK

Your dealership can work better, smarter and faster — you just need the right tools. Find the CDK solution that works best for your team.

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