Technician Workbench

With instant transfer of repair order details and paperwork between Service Advisors, Technicians and cashiers, your service department can function at new levels of efficiency.

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Be More Efficient

Get through service paperwork — and jobs — faster.

Communicate Better

Avoid mistakes, frustrations and delays caused by miscommunication.

Improve Customer Service

Faster service and better information result in happier customers.

Technician Workbench Features

An electronic repair monitoring system, CDK Technician Workbench streamlines processes and integrates information to help Service Advisors, Technicians and bookers do more.

Instant Document Transfer

Critical Service and Parts paperwork can be transferred easily between relevant staff members, streamlining the efforts of your Fixed Ops department.

Status Tracking Tools

Equip your Service Administrator with tools to monitor Technician status, so jobs can be spread more evenly to reduce Technician downtime.

Quick Pricing and Invoices

Your customers need to get their trucks back on the road, so have up-to-date pricing and complete invoices on hand — they’ll appreciate being able to get out the door quickly.

Parts Requests

Technician Workbench integrates with the Parts department, enabling Technicians to order parts directly from the system.

Interested in Technician Workbench?

Your dealership can work better, smarter and faster — you just need the right tools. Find the CDK solution that works best for your team.

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