CDK Drive for Heavy Truck

Fuel heavy truck success with CDK Drive — a dynamic Dealer Management System that delivers flexibility along with powerful insights to help optimize profitability.

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Dealerships Deserve Advantages

See how CDK Drive delivers Heavy Truck dealerships a versatile system that lets them command their business like never before.

Manage in Real Time

Keep ahead of the game — manage proactively by tackling potential issues and profit leaks through automatic notifications.

Boost Efficiency

Our unified interface delivers valuable time-savings by allowing you to effortlessly monitor your operations through automated workflows and cutting-edge communication tools

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Tap into vital data with CDK Drive — unlock the answers to profit drains, capitalize on opportunities for more astute strategic decisions, while viewing every aspect of your business all in one place.

Gear Up for Profits

Turn data into growth with CDK Drive — with powerful dealership tools you'll effortlessly monitor on a unified platform.

Single Portal Efficiency

When you can see everything in one place, you spend less time jumping from report to report and can boost your bottom line. Centralized visibility means more efficient decisions — say goodbye to report-hopping and hello to optimizing your business.

Reporting Tools

Get instant access to crucial reports, accelerate overrides, streamline purchase order approvals and witness a remarkable boost in operational efficiency.

Alerts and Messaging

Streamline task management with the power of alerts and messaging.

In-Depth Tracking

Harness the power of in-depth tracking tools to elevate your workflow. Control essential information on inventory, cash flow, repairs, order statuses and other responsibilities — all with a single click.

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We onboarded CDK in August 2020 and completed the onsite implementation in the midst of the global pandemic. Everyone involved at CDK was willing to bend over backwards to ensure that we were comfortable and also ensure that we were able to continue to serve our customers at all four of our locations following this system change.

Nick Jacobs, Director
Finance & Operations, STS Trailer & Truck Equipment – Bowmansville,
Fuel Heavy Truck Success With CDK Drive

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